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Why Gold Prices Fluctuate

Looking for live gold prices San Jose? Many buyers and sellers of gold wonder why gold prices fluctuate. This is true as well for prices for gold San Jose. Three primary factors need to be considered.

First, gold prices in San Jose fluctuate due to the amount of gold that has been mined at any given time throughout the world. More mined gold would put downward pressure on prices for gold San Jose. Less mined gold would tend to increase prices.

Second, gold prices in San Jose are influenced by the amount of gold that has been processed and distributed to various dealers worldwide. The more gold that is available, the lower gold prices in San Jose would be. The less processed gold that is available, the higher the prices would trend.

Third, live gold prices San Jose would be affected by the amount of gold that is on the market in San Jose, throughout the nation and around the world. Gold is continuously bought and sold in jewelry shops, pawn dealers, gold sellers, government treasuries and multiple other dealers in gold.

When gold prices go down, people will buy more gold. This increases the price of gold to the point that people stop buying it. Once people stop buying gold, and even begin to sell it, to take advantage of the higher prices, prices fall, until they begin to rise again. The supply and demand for gold is the primary reason why gold prices fluctuate.

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